Testing Topoflight Mission Planner


TopoFlight Mission Planner Trial

Register for a 10 day trial license.


Download TopoFlight Mission Planner


Download latest TopoFlight Mission Planner software. 

Download TopoFlight Camculator

Free tool to compare different cameras against each other. TopoFlight Camculator shows the characteristics of each sensor for a project with selectable parameters (like project extent and GSD).

Installing Sentinel RTE

The Sentinel RTE helps finding your TopoFlight license. The RTE needs to be installed on every machine where a TopoFlight product is installed.


Install with command prompt: haspdinst_83060.exe -i


More about Licensing can be found here.

Download Sentinel HASP RUS (Collecting Licensing Information)
Download HASP RUS to collect your licensing information and to receive updates to your TopoFlight installation.


More about Licensing can be found here.