TopoFlight Mission Planner

TopoFlight is a 3d flight planning software which allows the fast and interactive design of flight plans. The inclusion of digital elevation models leads to best results and minimizes the amount of images and thereby the costs of any flight mission. Different export interfaces allow an easy transfer to almost any flight management system. TopoFlight can be used to plan photogrammetry and LIDAR missions and supports frame, line and LIDAR sensors. TopoFlight presents the results as maps and tables and can be used for calculating the project costs what simplifies the quotation generation explicitly.


TopoFlight can be fully tested over a period of 10 days! Download the software and ask for a demo license.


Worldwide many small to large projects are being carried out with the help of TopoFlight.

An overview of TopoFlight's main caracteristics

TopoFlight's user interface:

Horizontal lines vs. Terrain following:

The distances between images is variable to assure minimal overlap given by the user:

The covered area of each flight line is visualized and calculated in 3d:

Different versions of flight plans lead to different prices:

Costs can be calculated with Excel, using TopoFlight generated reports:

One flight planning software - many sensors:

Visualisation of covered areas:

Visualisation of GSD (Pixel size in nature):

LiDAR point density map:

MTA zones visualisation:

Visualisation for instance in Google Earth: