TopoFlight Navigator

Current Version: 15

TopoFlight Navigator is used to navigate the airplane or helicopter for image and LiDAR data acquisition. A predefined flight plan (e.g. provided using TopoFlight Mission Planner) is used as base data. The camera is triggered at the pre-defined positions.


With the introduction of version 10 of TopoFlight Mission Planner, it is possible to plan flight lines along the terrain. This means: flight lines are still straight lines but they follow the terrain up and down. This is very useful for helicopter flights. With TopoFlight Navigator such flight lines with changing altitudes and constant height above ground can be navigated.

Navigator main screens

All lines screen

The “all lines screen” shows all flight lines and other maps (like topographic map, AOC maps, etc.)

Single line screen

The “single line screen” (next image) shows the active line only

Sensor Handler

The system consists of different modules to give the possibility to combine the actual TopoFlight Navigator with many available GPS, IMU, platform and sensor system using serial port and ethernet (TCP/IP and UDP) connections.


  • Automatic or manual zooming
  • High level of customization for display contents like colors, symbols, tolerances, units, etc.
  • High level of customization for sensors: the attached sensors can easily be selected and stored as a sensor set
  • Simulation mode for software training and sensor testing
  • Display of raster maps (aeronautical charts, topo maps, etc.)
  • Display of easy to read symbols, moving bars and color indications
  • The pilot keeps fully concentrated on the flight and aircraft control
  • Quick visualization of project status:
    - red color indicating “to be done”,
    - green color indicating “done”
  • Pilot’s display content independent from navigator’s display content
  • Direct reading of TopoFlight projects
  • TopoFlight Mission Planner can read Navigator’s log files for post flight quality control


  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to control
  • Short learning time (simulation mode allows software training in the office)
  • For LIDAR and camera flights
  • For horizontal and terrain following lines
  • User interface developed together with pilots: display information reduced to the optimal minimum
  • Big buttons allow fast reaction and simple usage even in harsh conditions and during flight mission
  • Fully integrated flight system
  • Quality control ‘on-the-fly’

Supported sensors

Frame Sensors

  • PhaseOne
  • Vexcel UltraCam
  • Universal Camera
  • Nikon
  • Canon
  • IGN Camera
  • InfraTec VarioCam HiRes 640
  • Phoenix




  • Applanix (POS AV, GSOF)
  • iXBlue
  • Novatel
  • SBG
  • CHR-UM6
  • Crossbow
  • digital bubble


  • NMEA
  • In combination with IMU


  • SOMAG AG Jena
  • AeroStab3
  • Leica Geosystems PAV80

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 or newer