System Integration

With the growing availability of aerial survey platforms, from lightweight to standard airplanes and helicopters, system integrators have to develop ways to bring the sensor
components working as a single logical unit to collect ground data from the air.

TopoFlight software allows the integration of many sensors to a single logical unit.

Custom System Integration with CoreBox

TopoFlight CoreBox is our flexible hardware solution for interfacing and controlling your airborne sensors through TopoFlight Navigator FMS software. CoreBox is a modular 19” rack design that comes in two sizes:

2U version

The 2U version offers all necessary interfaces for controlling your GPS/IMU, airborne camera and LiDAR scanner from an external FMS computer.

4U version

The 4U version features a built-in FMS computer, a built-in battery which can provide backup power to your GPS/IMU, and can even accommodate e.g.a

Example of a custom system integration: Oblique Imaging System OIS

In ccoperation with GGS Speyer and PhaseOne we have integrated an oblique camera system. It consist of one vertical and four 45° oblique looking cameras using the newest iXM series of PhaseOne.

Example of a custom system integration: ASD system

Systems being used in helicopters need to fulfill special requirements for quick mobilisation. Flight planning and navigation is another challenge, specially in difficult terrain when constant height above ground is needed. The ASD system has been developed for Flotron AG Switzerland.

Example of a camera integration with IGN France

The integration of the system designed by Institute Géographique Nationale (IGN) France was one of our first integration projects and helped TopoFlight Navigator considerably to reach his current performance and his acceptance of user interface by pilots.

Integration of a fully Integrated Riegl system

The newest integrated system, the RIEGL LMS-Q1560 can be fully controlled by TopoFlight. Swiss Flight Services runs such a system on the first hatch on their Cessna Caravan and on the second hatch an UltraCam camera. Successfully controlled by TopoFlight Navigator.